Black flowers

Just wanted to show you guys todays outfit. I took in indoors as it is stormy weather outside. After yesterdays colourful party, I wanted to dress myself down a little, and dressing down for me, is wearing black, black and more black. But as it is still holiday (the only way you can notice it though is that all the shops are closed and all people are indoors), I wanted to add some flowers to it, in form of a hat and tights.


Dress: Monki

Hat: HM

Tights: HM

I know that bright and strong colours belongs to the summer, but I really felt for black this day. And nothing wrong with that, you can’t be always be bright. But on the other hand, you can’t always dress in black either (or you can, but it is boring). I find the combinations of diffrent colours being the most interesting part, and that you so easily can change peoples moods, depending on what you are wearing. I have a friend who said once to me “I get so happy when I see your clothes, they are always so funny”. That day, I was wearing a bright yellow dress (for you who don’t know, yellow is my favorite colour) and it did hit me for the first time, that what we are wearing actually can change the mood of people, both ourselves, and others. I guess it was at that point, I grew an interest in fashion, and clothing over all. That just wearing something simple as a colourful dress, or a pair of black shoes can make people glad.  What I want to know, after this little story is: Have you ever noticed the same thing?



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