My wardrobe is actually a time machine

Long time, no seen. My lovely little puppy Tequila did drag out all my clothes today, and when I was doing the fun thing of putting them all in, I found this t-shirt…goosh, I can’t even remember that I ever have used it, and the place where I bought it at is now out of business (it is from same place as my favorite jacket, which I have not showed you yet, but it will come). I guess, my wardrobe decided to be a time machine, with a little help from Tequila, as this shirt is atleast 8 years old. I decided to use it today, and I also did use the scissors on my least favorite jeans, creating a pair of shorts as I don’t own any. So this outfit is a “I just need to see if I love this”-experiment. I first felt a little uncomfortable, as I never use shorts, but after putting on knee socks and my favorite necklace, it felt better. End result? I like this outfit, but I am not sure if I would go to any other places then the beach in it.

T-shirt: Zelda (Shop is out of business)

Shorts: BikBok Jeans, made to shorts by me

Sunglasses: Lindex

Shoes: Gift

Socks: HM

Necklace: Indiska


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