Fashion Blog News: Versace for HM

I am late on this, I know. But I wanted it to grow on me one day, before I am writing anything about this, you know, think things through.  As you all know, Versace is the next big fashion house to design for HM and for the first time when it comes to HM, I am extremely excited about this! I am willing to camp outside HM’s store in order to lay my hands on that flowery dress you can see in the sneakpeak photos.

I have never bought any of the other HM/designer cooperation things, because I have found it hard to see the things on me. Even if it did look amazing on the hangers. I was also thoughtful about this at first (even if I linked the good news to my mum right away, saying “To the autumn – Time to save?!”) as I do not see me as this design clothes wearing person. But I guess, I have changed, and I am starting to appreciate quality before quantity more and more now. I am, in other words, getting more mature. And I also love this dress.




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