Fashion Blog News: Jewelry Give Away

Interesting give away here. You can win bijouteries, like necklases, earrings and bracelets, and it was the last thing that did catch my eye. I am in love with bracelts and got a huge collection of those. Got to show you all that one day! Bit bijouteries aside, the real interesting part about this give away is that all goes to charity.(If your interest more in their stuff and not the give away, just click here)

While winning, you will also donate food to children in third world countries. I do find this very cute of those people who do it, it is kind to so many people. Actually, I am so happy that so many people on the blogs I have seen, care so much for their surroundings. If everyone just help out each other, just do a little thing, this will sure be a better world.

Oki, I can’t really focus on writing good atm, as I am tired, so this will be a short post. Tomorrow I am away for Midsummer Celebrations.

Lots of love people



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