Day at the museum

Was with my brother and his friend on the museum today (I have declared myself as the defender of knowledge, so I drag him around to diffrent things, and give him books and things to solve) and learned a little about swedish industry history. It was nothing like a Night at the Museum, but it interesting enough to keep us occupied for a few hours. My favorite part was a music room where you could listen to great songs from 1940-1970. Of course I did take a few pictures to share with you. I made a tiny retro effect on them, to get along with the times. 🙂

Poncho:  Giordano

Leggings: Peppercorn

Shirt: HM

Socks: Made by my grandmother

Shoes: Gift from mum

Bag: Gift from Heidi

The last photo I just had to take a picture of, as it is a vintage box from the Marabou company (a big swedish chocolate company). Aladdin you eat here every christmas, and it is always a fight over the trippel nut. But now it is summer, I will not talk about christmas again for the next 6 months or so. Instead, my next post will be about my marriage, as I finally got my hands on some photos.



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