Frog Cakes and Fighting Pandas

Today it was my brothers birthday, or atleast one of them as I got quite a few. This perticular one got 4 today and that we did celebrate at a café, eating frog cakes and pear juice and sang loudly for him. Oh goosh all my brothers are getting old now, or maybe it is just me that feel old? Anyway, to prevent that, I later took him to see the new Kung Fu Panda 2. Of some reason, the main movies I watch is childrens movies, I guess it brings back something of my childhood to me. Or maybe it is because I never watch TV, so the only movies I see are the ones with my brothers?

Here are some of the photos during the day. Not so many as I first did forget my camera! I made up for that, by taking some photos of my clothes of today. 🙂

Dress: Monki

Tights: HM

Shoes: Mums

Bag: Had it so long I can’t remember where it got from  It is a gift from Heidi 🙂

Over all, it was a good day which I really enjoyed. Now it is just 2 more brothers who is having birthday this summer. 😛



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