Into the wild

This is my first edited photos on this blog. I am mostly against photo editing even if I know how to do it, but today I felt to edit my photos a little, in order to create an almost unreal colourful feeling. The first photo, I got a little wild on. Rest is more laid back. 🙂

My mood at the moment is really laid back/living my teenage years again/I don’t want new things/I just want to runinto the wild and stay there and that has given me my inspiration. All my clothes are vintage, old and loved items I got in my closet. I did take the photos at a old beautiful oak tree, which is one of my favorite spots in the town I live in.

The scarf around my head is something I used to use alot as teenager and I got so happy when I found it again today. Lots of memories connected to it.  The belt is probably unique which I got from an relative…it’s hard to combine with other clothes but it looks so beautiful. Shoes you have seen before, they are my favorite right now. The dress is something I found in a second hand shop and feel almost like an playsuit.

Nothing is new, everything is loved. What items do you have which you can not live without?



  1. I think the edited pic is actually very super cool. This is a gorgeous outfit – i’ve bought so many blue dresses lately, so i think you have great taste in clothes and colours! 🙂 Hope you are having a FAB weekend. Lots of love x

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