Fashion Blog News: Give Away at Mademoiselle Lala’s

New subject on my blog, as I realised I do write about what other bloggers write about. I am calling it Fashion Blog News and it will be about interesting things I found out about on other blogs I read. Which is quite a few!

I just entered my first Give Away, at Mademoiselle Lala’s blog who is btw a skilled blogger even if she had not been doing it so long. I don’t think I will win anything but it is a fun thing to try, and you also find so many other blog’s in the comments which is fun to read about and follow closely. 🙂

The Give Away itself, she is having some really nice things to give away, so if you are one of my few readers, you can check her out and maybe enter it yourself! Good luck all 😀

Me in my Explorers Hat from HM and decorated with a butterfly.

What is a Give Away?

Basically a sort of competition on a blog. It is often happening when a special thing is occuring on the blog, like a annivesery.


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