Blogging – A form of art?

When I was reading diffrent blogs through Internet, I found Underbara Clara‘s texts, which really are interesting to read. Under one post, she writes about that blogging is an artform, just like artists, poets and so on are doing, and being a blogger is something you have a talent for, or you dont. This thought was really interesting and it has been going around in my mind alot for the last few days.

Blogging is when you try to combine diffrent things to a wonderful harmony. You take pictures, you choose right scenes and the right clothes, you look at photos, write comments, read magazines, you have to write interesting texts that really is catching the viewers eye. All in the one single goal to get appreciating for your creation, the post’s you make in your blog.

I once read that a blogger do spend around 4-5 hours each day, in order create a good post. That is almost like a job, it is a passion for the people who do it. I just have to agree with Clara and say that blogging probably is an artform in the making. And it is so enjoyable to be one of them. ūüôā


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