Come in…

…and sit by the candles. Feeling all oki? Can I get you anything? A book, some sweets? If everything is fine, I can share for you some big news. My new blog, White Masked Girl have now, offically, been opened. I have for long been thinking about making an english blog, focusing on the things that my swedish blog Modeiga has been writing about. But where Modeiga is a blog about my life, this blog focus more of my growing interest in fashion.

Who am I then?

Even if I will not write about my life here, you can still get to know me a little. My name is Madeleine, born in the far North were we have winter for 6 months a year and Polar Bears on the streets. I love dressing up, bags and funny hats, but on the other hand, I hate shoes shopping..because I never find shoes that fit my feet (which suck!).  To compensate my lack of shoes, I have a sock drawer bigger then a chocolate brown horse! (Oki now I lied, but I had to mention chocolate and horses somewhere).  I really hope you will come to enjoy my blog.

I wish you all a happy double rainbow!


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